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Frequently Asked Questions

It is our policy that all cows are provided with unlimited access to a 100% grass-fed diet, daily.  This could be pasture during the summer, or hay throughout the winter.

During the coldest days of the year, if the temperature gets very low, milk-producing cows need additional nutrients to maintain healthy body temperatures.  Our policy is that farmers can elect to supplement small amounts of molasses or oats, if it is in the best interest of the animals.  This added feed brings with it a much higher cost to the farm, and thus there is no incentive to continue this action longer than what is needed.  Our overall goals are to prevent animal cruelty while providing the healthiest, most nutrient-dense milk possible.

Our Pure (plain) yogurt contains no added sugar or sweeteners.  In our flavored yogurts, we only add low amounts of either organic maple syrup or organic, unprocessed cane sugar.  We strive to use the highest quality organic ingredients that provide more flavor without relying on large amounts of added sugar.

Naturi proudly sources our organic, grass-fed milk from a small co-op of family farms in Upstate New York.  We believe excellent milk comes from healthy cows.

Separation is natural in yogurt.  In many of our products, no additional ingredients are added to prevent or inhibit separation of the yogurt itself.  A few of our flavored yogurts contain small amounts of fruit pectin, which help keep some of our additional ingredients like berries, vanilla, and coffee from separating excessively.  If you prefer a thicker yogurt, feel free to pour off the whey at the top.  For a smoother yogurt, simply stir the liquid back into the yogurt.

The best by date is printed on the bottom of the cup.  We don’t recommend eating the yogurt more than 7 days beyond the printed “Best By” date.

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